Chapter 18: Coding Cloud-Based Applications

Behind the scenes, developers who create new cloud-based applications or who move existing applications to the cloud are truly driving the cloud’s explosive growth. Creating a cloud-based application is very similar to building a traditional web-based application. Developers normally use a programing language such as PHP, Ruby, Perl, Pty, or C#, along with HTML and CSS, and a database. As discussed in Chapter 3, “Platform as a Service (PaaS),” many cloud-solution providers offer tools that developers need to build and deploy a solution. In this chapter, we will look at two of the most widely used developer platforms: Google App Engine and Windows Azure. In addition, many companies now offer tools that nonprogrammers can use to create and display a solution without coding. We’ll look at one such tool, Yahoo! Pipes, and its ability to help users create a mashup.

Learning Objectives

This chapter examines coding cloud-based applications. By the time you finish this chapter, you will be able to do the following:

  • Use Yahoo! Pipes to create a mashup.
  • Create and deploy a cloud-based application using Google App Engine.
  • Create and deploy a cloud-based application using Windows Azure.
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Chapter 18 Pretest/Self-Assessment

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