Chapter 12: Managing the Cloud

Often, by moving a solution to the cloud, IT managers shift a great deal of day-to-day management from their in-house department to the cloudsolution provider. That said, the IT manager must not relinquish oversight and responsibility for performance and data management. Instead, he or she must provide essential oversight of the key system operations.

Learning Objectives

This chapter examines examines essential cloud-management operations. By the time you finish this chapter, you will be able to do the following:

  • Discuss components often found within a service-level agreement (SLA).
  • Define and discuss vendor lock-in and specify steps a manager should take to reduce this risk.
  • Discuss a managerís potential use of audit logs to identify system bottlenecks and resource use.
  • List the specific aspects of the cloud deployment that a manager must oversee.
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Chapter 12 Pretest/Self-Assessment

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