Chapter 7: Collaboration in the Cloud

IT WASN’T ALWAYS A good thing when people at a meeting were said to have their heads in the clouds. Today, however, cloud-based meetings and cloud-based collaboration tools are some of the information technology industry’s hottest items. What began as web-based e-mail has exploded to include cloud-based conference meetings, face-to-face voice over Internet protocol phone calls on virtually any device, document sharing, and streaming media content.

Learning Objectives

This chapter examines examines cloud-based collaboration in detail. By the time you finish this chapter, you will be able to do the following:

  • Define and describe collaboration.
  • Define and describe cloud-based collaboration.
  • List the benefits of cloud-based collaboration.
  • List and describe cloud-based tools for document sharing.
  • List questions that one should consider with respect to cloud-based collaboration tools.
  • Discuss the potential uses of cloud-based streaming media, from presentations to TV.
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Chapter 7 Pretest/Self-Assessment

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